23 March 2013

Silverfish - Fat Axl

There is something very angry about this band. I was recently asked to review another album by this band called 'Organ Fan'. But it not available for a listen on the places I can go, and if I cannot get a copy I'm not able to listen to it.  But nevermind, I think if I can get a copy of it later I can review that later.  But this is the band's first album 'Fat Axl'.

Form in the late 80's, these English indie kids took the fuzzy punk sound and a grunge sound to make one hell of a noise. This album was released in 1991 and seemed to be one a low-fi fuzz down wave.  The album itself is designed to make you pogo like a loon in a mosh pit.  It does not have any other gear apart from frantic. Dealing in the same 3 minute punk moments as Nirvana, Sugar and others they just nail what they did.  Lots has been said about they are female fronted, but that does not make the band or make it a novelty.  They are just a great band for all intent and purposes.

Now, I want to try to give a balanced view here.  I have to admit it is an album that is not going to win too many fans that are not into this type of music.  It does not have a variety to entice a new type of fan, but this band probably did not want casual fans, they sound as if they were pissed off and wanted you to know about it.  John Peel when he was alive once said "If they were from New York, we'd be mad for them of course". This seems true to me, they would have been all over the music TV channels if they were from the other side of the pond.  But alas they were not, but after this I am going to look for more of their work.  Two albums and one EP complication - might be worth a look if you are of a punk mind.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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