8 March 2013

Melvins - Stoner Witch

Have you ever had a band that you love for one album, even though they have released many many records? I have a few in my collection were the one album is so perfect I sort of avoid any other works in case it somehow lessens my view on their opus magmas in my eyes. Which is silly as how should one album be diminished by another work by the same artist? I guess it is a silly boy thing that I used to get (probably slightly autistic in some ways, but I will move on). One of the bands I had in this unofficial category was the Melvins.  The album was called Houdini and I will go on about it later.  For now though, I am trying to break my own fourth wall with this, their seventh album called 'Stoner Witch'.

At one point these guys were more famous for having Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame as an ex-roadie. Which does there history a disservice, almost as bad as me only listening to one album.  Originally formed in 1983, Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover have been blazing a trail for others to follow picking up various other band mates along the way.  At the time of this recording, they were in the company of bass player Mark Deutrom with this album being co-produced between the group and GGGarth (who has also produced albums by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Biffy Clyro and others).

Musically your getting a very dirty sound here, although it is slightly more polished to Houdini if I'm honest, some songs like "Skweetis", "Sweet Willy Rollbar" & "June Bug" rattle by at a fast (and very short pace). Although "June Bug" is a little bit slower than the first two.  Other songs such as "At The Stake" are just huge slabs of sludge than will have fans of amplifier worship all over the world getting very excited and if they have the motivation to roll another blunt to be hit with the sonic booms that come from this one. 

Now, has this lessens my opinion on the other album?  No, to be honest it has not affected it one iota.  

Ok, is it any good?  Well, this is the thing here.  For what it is, I like it. Being a fan of sludge music it is a very good record which is not surprising as it is one of the original founding Fathers just doing what they do best.  The vocals are towering and subtle, the music is unfaultable.  However, it is not as exciting as Houdini in my mind. It is however further proof that I really should listen to more work by some artist at time.  It does not have that original something that made Houdini special.  Whilst not a amazing record it is a good one.  For fans of the darker side of the road and beyond, play it loud and play it proud.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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