25 March 2013

Everclear - Invisible Stars

Bands are sometimes just a little too late for the initial wave of a movement, let's look at grunge. Bands such as Candlebox, Collective Souls, Bush, Toadies - for whatever their achievements of success, they were not the originals - and you can include Everclear in that list as well.  Originally formed in 1992, these guys had their biggest success in America to be honest with albums like 'Sparkle & Fade' and 'Song For An American Movie Vol 1' being their biggest hitters.  They have had a few singles in the UK top 40, but have never really been big over in the UK, which is a shame as they were a good solid band.  Originally they had sort of split up in 2003, but singer and main songwriter Alexis Alexakis decided to form a new version of Everclear and this is their first fruits since 2006.  It was released in America in 2012, but has just been released in the UK to coincide with a full UK tour.  So has time and a change of line up changed the beast?

Back in the day they were a little more rocky, never exactly an aggressive band, there was always the odd ballad/slower number which gradually increased over the years.  This album has slower feeling about it than their earlier work, but when it has its fun hat on, it is bouncy and very good indeed.  Songs such as "I Am Better Without You" remind me of the point of Everclear, the lyrics are all a little bit on the downsides (broken relationships and homes), but musically they make you want to shuffle your feet. However, for every "Falling In A Good Way", you get two slower numbers like "Volcano" and "Rocket For The Girl".  The album length is actually perfect as it is over within 37 minutes - and like bubble gum it is interesting for a while but it is not making plans to change the world anytime soon.

Should this have been a solo album?  Maybe, but Everclear was always about Alex Alexakis anyway so it does not matter who he has playing with him.  Just like Billy Corgan in the Smashing Pumpkins, it is his name.  Does it do anything good or bad for the legacy or the band?  Not really, it does add another album to the collection, but it is not exactly essential.  It is decent, well played and in some places it is very good.  But to be honest I cannot really think of anything on the album which I need to hear again.  For people who want to complete the collection only.

4.5 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

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