10 February 2013

The Wonder Stuff - Construction For The Modern Idiot

Been sitting on this blog for a while - not part of the Fugazi season. ;-) - Eddie

Some albums have something of a vibe around them. They are like little island in the ocean which are shelters and resting places which take you back to where you were at the time.  When this came out in 1993 it was a much darker sound then their earlier releases.  The lead vocalist has said that it is their cannabis album, but I think it is their reaction to having the world focus on one song they had released. It was their last records together until 2004 (unless you count compilation albums and so forth).

Now for a few years I could not find another copy of this album - originally had it on tape, eventually got the CD of it. Now going back to it, it is a different beast from what I remember.  First off, this still has some of my most favourite Wonder Stuff tracks. "Hot Love Now!" "Change Every Light Bulb", "On The Ropes", "I Wish Them All Dead", "Storm Drain" all still regularly get played at very loud volume much to the annoyance of my neighbours and possibly my wife and cat.  Mr Hunt and his motley crue of vagabonds just sound so focused and on fire it just feels like they had decided before they released it that this was it, so they gave everything to its creation.

There are a few points on this album which are not as good as others. I still cannot get away with "Your Big Arsed Mother" and the album does not seem to end as well as it started. If tracks like "Swell" & "A Great Drinker" just feel a little weird ending the album. But this is just me being picky and trying to look for points of negative so I don't come across as big of a fan boy which I truly am.  Whilst I am glad that they got back together and are still making albums, I still measure all of their material against the quality moments on this album. Never has angry and stoned sounded so fun.  So whilst not their most complete moment, it is for me one of their most amazing moments.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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