7 February 2013

Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1

Do side project always work?  Stone Sour - the side project of Corey Taylor & Jim Root of Slipknot (well, it is sort of a side project - it gets complicated) has been going since 2002 in their current run (they had been around in 1992 till 1997) and this is their fourth album and part 1 of a two part album being released a few months apart.  Now the music is of a metal/hard rock variety. For this album they have been various statements bounded about. The band themselves are stating that the album will sound like Pink Floyd 'The Wall' meets Alice In Chains 'Dirt'. That is a pretty ballsy statement in certain circles, so how have they done.....

First off I should really note that Stone Sour are a very marmite band for me. When they do stuff I like, it is really good, other times it bores the living shit out of me. Opening track "Gone Sovereign" is one of those examples of when Stone Sour bore me. Trying to be hard does not work for this band, even with their collective metal back ground (Slipknot, Soulfly, etc) it always feels a little forced at times. The next track though "Absolute Zero" does the same sort of work but with a much more improved result. And the story is repeated all over the album. For every track which works like "Tired" (another one of their slower number which they seem to do a lot better) you get ones like "RU486", "My Name Is Allen" and so on and so forth.

I feel like there is a pattern in this album, but I cannot for the life of me understand how this is supposed to be like 'The Wall' meets 'Dirt'. It is a decent album, but it is very grey, it is incredible in its own mono-tone vibe and total unoriginal way of thinking.  If there was an original thought in this album, it was like a candle trying to warm an ocean. The overwhelming feeling of emptiness coming from this well played album, a fact that cannot be ignored - it is their most consistent album - but it is so dull and without any sense of danger, drama or real emotion. When they learn how to actual not sound like a Disney sponsored rock-athon these guys will have a brilliant album in them. But with this album being number 4, time is running out on that ever coming. Frustratingly grey.......

4 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

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