28 February 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call

Mr Cave and his Bad Seeds - what else is there to say about the man. If you check out my earlier blog about Henry's Dream where I do a little bit of a look at the man and his band of merry (sense the tone) minsterials.  Back in 1997 when this first came out, the Bad Seeds were not the beast they are today. They were a little bit more raucous. When this came out, the game change. It was like you were playing against God and he was dealing blank playing cards in the dark and smiling at you....then he announced you were really playing Snakes and Ladders. It was all about to change.

This is really a minimalist record; all the big moments are based on raw emotion. Songs like "(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For" and "Into My Arms" never get loud, but there is no need. It is all on display here. "Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere" just shows how great the man Cave had improved as a song writer.  Honestly, he did not need to improve yet he had the balls to just go a further step. Songs like "West Country Girl" show that this man is the natural successor to the original man in black, the late and great Johnny Cash.

Do I have a problem with this album? Yes, but I know this is a personal thing and does not affect the mark at all. This album should come with a warning to all people who are feeling slightly down to step away and find something a little bit more cheerful.  As much as I love "Black Hair" and the album's crowning moment "People Ain't No Good" (which is so unforgiving it would make Clint Eastwood weep & was also covered by Tom Waits for Shrek 2.....go figure) I could not listen to this very often without wanting to throw myself off a building. The more I hear "Idiot Prayer" the more fall under the charm and the sickingly dark anchor drags me down a little bit more.

But as I said, the darkness of the album does not change the overall mark of the album. In short - classic. I cannot praise this album enough, and it has been praised a lot already. So I will leave with my final score and try to find something to cheer myself up. See the places I go for you guys. ;-)


10 out of ten - This is proof there is a God
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