20 February 2013

Mudhoney - Tomorrow Hit Today

Some names mean more than the actual music. Mudhoney are from Washington, Seattle - and they were formed out of the ashes of Green River. In American alternative music terms, they are one of the founding fathers of grunge.  Now, with a history comes a lot of expectation. Sometimes it is not what bands want - for a while Mudhoney seemed to do what they could to get rid of their new found fame and fans. Then, back in 1998 they released this little jem.

This was a shift back in gears from their previous release "My Brother, The Cow". It has a rich blues sound to it as well, songs like "Try To Be Kind", the spectacular "Ghost" and "A Thousand Forms of Mind" are raw and as spike as you could hope for.  The production which was handed by the band and Jim Davidson (not the British comedian who is in a bit of bother) does the songs justice and it is a very well produced album.

The thing is, it feels like it is going through the motions. It is not that hard to imagine them doing twelve dozen songs in the same style which would have sounded the same. Only Ghost is an essential song, the rest are sort of forgettable and even after many listens it is still a bit forgettable.  There are much better records by Mudhoney; this is a decent record, just not an amazing one.  Sometimes the name is really all that carries some artists.

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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