25 February 2013

Humanisum - Humanisum

It is nice to be suggested something which I know nothing about before I put it on and has no information about it on the net. trying to find anything about these guys is really hard - if you want to know how hard, try typing into your search engine 'humanism' and see how hard it is to get anywhere. However, this makes it all the more mystical. How do you know anything about a band when information is scares? It is almost unheard of in these days with the internet telling us everything (irony as this is a blog on the internet). It is all too easy to find a biography of a band in this day and age; it makes a refreshing change to have no preconceptions for a band or their sound.  It was suggested to me by one of my friend to check these guys out and it took a while to find anything other than on Spotify. But I have found them.....

This band and album is a solo project (at least on this recording) of a Mr Andi Anderson who spends his time between Newcastle and Leeds in England. He has since got a live band together, but for this record, he was the one and only person to be answered to.  Because of this, creatively it is a very same-ish record. However, this is not to say it is not a good record. It is a really good record, all made from one man and it shares a landscape (and I know I might get slack for this but it is true) with Gotye and some of the more dream-scape moments of Incubus.

Stand out songs such as "Victims of Love", "Yesteryear" and "Honorific" have a very natural and organic feeling. As this has been done by the one hand you can sense that a lot of effort and time has been put into it. With a voice that sounds like Grant Nicholas from Feeder, it is a very easy record to listen to. There is nothing that will jump out and scare the children. I do hope that the new addition of a live band will spread the band's sound. But even if it still end up with Mr Anderson (try saying that in your head without have a quote from the matrix going on) doing it all on his own, I have a feeling it will just get better. This album is well worth the effort of finding.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

There is no direct link to purchase the music, but you might get something from their facebook page

They also have a reverbnation page

However, you can listen to it on Spotify on this link

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