8 February 2013

Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker

I remember this album as part of my friend's collection more than I actually remember the music itself. It was 1993 and he had all the coolest records, this was held in an almost mythical reverence. Not because it was brilliant (until a few years later I had not listened to the album fully without being a little over the 8), it was because if the cover. It was just so non-descript, so plan that it gave nothing away about what was on the album.  It probably started off the purchase based on albums which I still adopted - my friend is now adamant that no music past 1999 is worth hearing. Times have been a changing on that one....

Fugazi are one of those bands which are held in awe in some circle, completely ignored in others. For me, I must admit outside of this album, I know very little and I keep meaning to change that but as there is so much music out there; it can be a little hard at times.  This album was originally recorded with Steve Albini at the helm, but the band were not happy with the results, so they re-recorded it by themselves (with the help of Ted Niceley) and I've got to say that the production is second to none.

Songs like "Public Witness Program", "23 Beats Off", "Smallpox Champion" are all just brutal, and their influence can be heard on a lot of modern punk and hardcore still.  Some people say that Minor Threat (Ian MacKaye’s first band) will be his lasting legacy (as well as the fact he founded Dischord Records). I disagree based on this album - Fugazi have almost went under the radar in some ways, but they seem to have not so much be pioneers, but just so ahead of the tide that they just left such a complete map of how to make a band work on its own terms that they should be held up as heroes.  Because I have been so lazy with Fugazi, I am going to be making next week a week where I review and catch up with all their other albums.  However, for the boy in 1993 to the man in 2013, 20 years on this album is still a stone cold classic. Full of harsh guitars, sublime instrumentals, a little surf guitar in places, standards beyond compromise and heart.

8.5 out of 10 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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