10 February 2013

Fugazi - The Arguement

So....as stated in my last blog I am going to make up for my none listing of Fugazi by only reviewing all of their albums as I am more than a little bit interested in what they are doing.  To recap - Fugazi are a post hardcore (basically another branch of punk) from Washington DC in America.  This album is the 6th studio album they released in 2001.  It is also the last one they released before they went into permanent hiatus.

By this time in their career they were going allegedly going into a more experimental art house rock sound.  From what I can tell, that means that the distortion pedal has been toned down. It is nowhere near as harsh or loud as In On The Kill Taker, but the production is a lot better.  It is an understated record which wants you to take your time with it, enjoy it and get to know it overtime. Songs like "Full Disclosure", "The Kill" and "Cashout" are such wonder piece of work. I can actually say I don't think this album has a weak moment. Strangelight is such a fantastic moment as well; the whole build and ending just take my breath away. Truly, the more I listen to this album the more I fall for its charms.

I think this is a wonderful record which they have ended on - they have said if they were to get back together it would to make more music. Part of me would love that, the other part of me thinks that they have made their masterpiece (so far) with this one. It is a perfect moment in which to hang up their hats and move on (which they have done). Whatever they do, it will take some beating to top this moment.  That said, I still have another 4 albums to go (including a movie soundtrack). Might have discovered that my new favourite band is one I knew for an awful long time.

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a God

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