24 February 2013

Diamond Dawn - Overdrive

Metal music in the 80's came under two real choice (at least in popular culture, for the real fans there was a lot more choice) - there was trash metal, which was lots of men trying to make their drummers have heart attacks whilst going faster and faster. The other choice was called glam metal (or glam rock depending on where you stood). For glam, the boys had more make up then the girls, they had lots of synth keyboards, harmonies, songs about finding more pussy than anyone else, the heartfelt ballad and of course the tunes to make people jump around like nutters if the videos are to be believed. This was a bit before my time to be honest, but one of my mates today put a video up on his Facebook for a band called Diamond Dawn who reminds me of that glam period. Now, after watching the video I thought I would review it for the blog - not due to the music (I will give my verdict on that soon) but the fact that the album is a new release in 2013!

Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, according to some sources they have been going since 2011 and according to the blurb on their Facebook (not much on their website to be honest) they just want to make some positive music in a world where rock n roll does not hold a positive nerve.  Now when I hear statements like that I tend to run in the opposite direction - it just seems slightly creepy to me and forced. But never the less, I put this on. First off I would like to say who ever produced this album did a brilliant job. It is an almost Dream Theatre level of production which is a very big compliment for me. The guitars sound crisp, the keyboards are on show but not drowning the music and the vocals are just perfectly mixed in.

Musically you will either hate or love this album. I do not see it have many fans who think - yeah that is alright, not great but not bad. The band is obviously well practiced and songs like ""California Rush", "Standing as One" and "Indestructible" are truly fantastic for this genre of music. I have two things about this record which are making it hard for me to total embrace with this album and make it a 10 out of 10. 1 - It is an album which is already familiar before I have finished it. If you are looking for ground breaking music it is not here. Not saying it is not good, just so from such a well treaded groove it is instantly old school before it has gotten a chance to age. 2 - I wish the vocals were slightly stronger. It is just a personal thing; the singer is 1000 times better than me, and a lot of other people I have heard in this genre. Never the less even with these personal options I do find myself falling for the charm of the band. It just does not quite calculate for me. I do like the fact that whilst there is a few ballad-esque numbers on here, it does not resort to the lighter in the hand type of moment. "Don't Walk Away" is just a good old fashion type of ballad that would make Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Thunder and many other bands wonder how they missed this one.

Overall I have to say I am impressed by this - it is a brilliant album overall. But it is such a marmite album it is very hard to see it being anything other than a niche record. If you love power/melodic/glam rock you will adore this album (I count myself in this grouping). However if not you might find it a little trying. You would be wrong, but who am I to judge on that one - I like The Lonely Island.......

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase from here (from February 25th 2013)
You can listen to on Spotify via this link

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