2 February 2013

Biffy Clyro - Opposites

Mon the Biff! - This is a phrase that I see a lot on the Damnation Festival forum (Metal festival which started in Manchester and then moved to Leeds in Yorkshire - England).  One of the ladies who frequents on there is properly obsessed with them and they seem to be a little popular with some of the others (even if they do not admit it - half the people on there are Scottish and so are Biffy Clyro). It is also a phrase which is chanted at lots of their gigs. Strange to the outsider, but not to those in the crowd. This is the new album which has been released as a 20 track double album or a 14 track single album - it will be the double album that will be reviewed for two reason - 1 - There is more tracks - 2 - It is the one I chose so there.....

Production wise, this is a so polished that it you can see you face in the album artwork. Seriously, it is a crisp and shiny as an undisturbed lake in an early morning. The guitars are just turned up a notch, the bass is thumping and the drums are like a well oiled machine. I have not been more impressed with the production of a Biffy album since Vertigo of Bliss which has been my favourite album. As with all Biffy albums, the hearts are not so much on the sleeves, but on a plate in front of the audience with the band daring you to stamp on it as it could not do any more damage. "Victory Over The Sun", "Black Chandelier", "Spanish Radio" - in fact about all of these tracks are stone cold killers.

Now has it fell into the double album trap of not being as good as a single version of the album. Well I have not been as impressed with an album of more than one disc since the 555% triple album by Ginger Wildheart, and before that I was not impressed with a double album for an awful long time (probably the first Ginger Wildheart double album - but I digress). It does not feel like there is any filler here, nothing that could have been spared. I'm sure when they were making the single album version they would have found it hard to knock down the 6 tracks needs to make this fit on one disc.

Overall it is just a step up from what has come before. It has left some of their earlier influences behind, but not as far as some people will think. I can imagine these songs being played in a local club, as well as at a festival or in a Stadium. They are huge and feel like they need a crowd with their hands in the air screaming out the words as if their lives depended on it.  If you can afford it, go for the double album.  It just feels so complete. But I would recommend getting this album one way or another - so beautiful and as has been said many time before - Mon The Biff!!!!

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a God.

You can purchase from here (double album version)

You can purchase from here (single album version)

You can also listen it to Spotify here (Double album version - the one reviewed)

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