18 January 2013

Two Lone Swordsmen - From The Double Gone Chapel

Hmmmm, something new (to me anyway) and from Warp records. This is usually a good thing and they rarely go wrong.  Two Lone Swordsmen is the brain child of Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood and this was one of 11 albums that they released. This largely instrumental album is cut from the same post punk cloth that brought you early Killing Joke and with the electronica overtone it is also very easy to imagine this in a live venue going down a storm.

Tracks like "The Lurch" and "Faux" are just effortless tracks that can make the jaw drop and the hips move if this is your cup of poison.  "Sex Beat" brings in some elements of one of it's creator's past as a house DJ and is used to good effect. The vibe of the project is down trodden/sleazy vibe but not in a negative way...stay with me here. Sometimes it is what you need to have something that is not clean and clinical, that is dirty and rank to make everything come into perspective.

As you would expect with an album made by a DJ and a studio engineer that sound is full of element that will make the listener find new things on every spin of the album. The samples and feedback on "Damp" just keep bring up new things to the forefront each time you go through it.  If there is anything for me personally I would change would be to have kept it all instrumental, but this is just me not wanting to have anything distract from the music which is their strongest card - and that to be honest is stretching to find a counter criticism and not seem like a fan boy gushing in the musical pants. So, tread carefully with this...you might find yourself enjoying it more than you want to.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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