12 January 2013

Therapy? - One Cure Fits All

I have a tendency to review artists in a totally random way and order. For instance, then it comes to the band from Ireland, Therapy? (Question mark is there for a reason folks) - I really should start at the beginning with the mini album Babyteeth. But like all other artists and bands, I've just gone for the nearest one to hand - or on the random selection I have set up at castle ATTIWL.... So we are starting with the 11th album by the Northern Ireland starlets (who have pretty much been based in my neck of the woods for the last few albums they have recorded).

First off - with all albums by this band it is always compared to their commercial height in the form of the album Troublegum.  Well, to get this over and done with - no, it is not as good as Troublegum, but that album was such a high tide mark album that it is unfair to expect a band to reach that every time. I'm sure Slayer, Pink Floyd and Rage Against The Machine must have given up trying to beat Reign In Blood, Dark Side of The Moon and Rage Against The Machine as well - and I think Therapy? did eventually do that and this album is well down a different path anyway.

Musically it is still the punk with a slightly large helping of dark indie pop (for a band who start metal festival shows with a cover of Joy Division's Isolation - you can guess where they prefer their home listenings), and they have it in huge helpings on this album. After the Outro it starts with the twin attack of "Sprung" and "Deluded Son" both of which are amazingly strong tracks, elsewhere on the album you have the subtle "Heart Beat Hits" and the stand out track of the album "Dopamine,Seratonin,Adrenaline" which is one of their slow burning big moments.

There is a few things that don't quite work on the album, like a few of their albums, there is a little bit too much filler and some of the songs have the classic Therapy? formula - opening, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro - but the last one is just being picky, because just like some other bands if it works for them, why try to fix it?  At 44 minutes it has the right length to be a good album, not a great one but still a very positive step forward for a band who have been burdened by an earlier work. Looking back it was a small step towards where they are today - but that is a story for later. But they were wrong about one thing, this cure does not fit all, but it does make some pain ease away.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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Here is a link to the band's offical page in regards to this which has a few more purchasing options

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