24 January 2013

The Joy Formidable - Wolf's Law

It took this band a good while to release their first album after the initial buzz (the monumental The Bog Roar which will be reviewed soon). So I was slightly surprised to see this one come out as fast as it has. Sometimes after a debut the band finds it hard to match it with their second album. After all, you have had forever to create your debut. The second album is either all new tracks or ones that were not good enough for the first one. So after falling for the first one so heavily I approach this one with care and an open mind.

Formed in 2007 out of the demise of Sidecar Kisses, The Joy Formidable deal with a mixture of shoegazing, alternative rock, slight metal undertones (any band that has a blast beat in a song has a drummer who loves Slayer) and almost pop-esq lyrical musings.  To some people the overall package is not interesting and too predictable.  I find it hypnotizing, to the point when doing this review I felt bad for not seeming to give the album my full attention (even though I had listened to it a few times before writing - I get like this sometimes....), yet at times my attention did drift (especially on "Maw Maw Song" & "Silent Treatment").

Starting off with the amazing "The Ladder Is Ours", and with other stand out tracks "Forest Serenade", "Little Blimp", "Bats" and orchestral led ending track of "The Turnaround" this album has enough to make it's few weaker tracks on here - however it is not as instant as their first one, it is very good and well worth making the effort for, but it has all the hallmarks of a grower. Which is a really good sign, as the first one was instant like a debut has to be, to catch you attention. All great follow ups are one's that sink in that make their hooks without being noticed and stick in your head for days.  A wonderful follow up and one that will be around my head for days to come.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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