18 January 2013

Steve Harris - British Lion

What needs to be said about this man - everyone that knows anything that he is a god.  Now the pleasantries have been dealt with I will get onto this album.  Shite, boring, tear inducing drivel that would have seemed cliched in the mid 90's.  Oh Steve, what have you done....

I can appreciate that this project has been knocking around for 20 years now or so, but there is just no sort of kick or joie-de-vivire to this record. The production is some what lacklustre and bass heavy (....And Justice For All by Metallica - this is where your bass went), which combined with the overally simplistic song writing has resulted in a record that before hearing I dearly wanted to love, but actually reminds me of the likes of Little Angels in places which is not really a compliment.

I have no doubt that the author's sincerity and drive regarding the project and I would never dream of taking that away from him, but songs like "Us Against The World" & "The Chosen Ones" are bog standard Friday night pub rock fare.  So disappointed Steve......

2.5 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

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