24 January 2013

Rush - Snakes & Arrows

So for the 100th blog, as chosen by the lovely Mrs ATTIWLTMOWOS (who has promised to do some reviews as well) comes from the biggest cult band in the world. Rush have been going since 1968 and this was their 18th studio album. Now, there are two types of people in the world. There is the ones who love Rush and those who think they are up their own arses and should not be bothered with. I will let you guess which one I am.

Here are some of the things levelled at Rush:

Their songs are too long
They don't know when to stop
They are past it
Where are their hits

To those statements I say this

If you think like this, you do not get the point of this band. Their albums are their hits, and this is one of their best works from the modern era. Every single song is perfect; there is not one weak track. For over an hour I put this on and I am taken to another world, I forget about worries, work and other stresses.  "Far Cry", "The Larger Bowl", "The Main Monkey Business" - in fact if I just listed all 13 songs it would be easier. The whole album is just amazing. The playing is flawless, the production is awesome and to be frank it makes up for Joy Division and has cheered me right up.

Whilst I will begrudgingly admit it may not be to everyone's tastes, it is just a brilliant piece of work, the cover is beautiful and the whole package is just a little piece of rock nirvana. If you claim to like rock music and you don't like Rush, your just kidding yourself. When they toured with this album, the bass speakers where working chicken rotisseries. It takes that kind of imagination to make this sort of stuff - out there and wonderful.

9.5 out of ten - Almost perfect.....almost

You can purchase from here

You can listen to it on Spotify here

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