10 July 2014

Rock and roll is - and should be - a kid's place. A Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five Play list

Benjamin Scott "Ben" Folds.  Sort of a not so secret obsession for me really to be honest.  For no other reason than I have been getting ready for a job interview I put together this to distract me from it for a little bit.  I hope that some of you enjoy it.  PS, it is over 2 hours long and I was not even picking all of his best stuff.


Update -

10 July 2014 - Rosehill - ATTIWLTMOWOS Towers

Tonight is the night before I see the man himself.  It is something I have been looking forward to for ages and a show that cannot fail in my opinion.  Mr Folds is playing the Sage in Gateshead (for people not familiar with the venue, it is on the bank of the river Tyne in Newcastle, looks like a silver marshmellow cloud stuck to the ground and it is one of the most perfect musical venues I have even been to.  Even in the worst seats in the house, the sound is truly amazing.  He is being his series of show with a full orchestra to my fair region, he is playing with the Royal Northern Sinfonia.  So to get in the mood I am listening to this Spotify list and getting more excited as the evening goes on.  Tomorrow I might be unbearable.

I will update this again with my thoughts of the show and other musings.  Enjoy!!!

Current listening -

If I fold, you will have my heart

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