14 January 2013

Robert Logan - Inscape

As you may have noticed on this blog I really do not like sticking one music genre.  Yes I do spend  more time in the rock/metal world but I prefer to see all that the musical world has to offer.  So, as stated on the Waves on Canvas blog I sometimes - with much self loathing - I do buy the ultimate hipster bible known as The Wire. A magazine so pretentious it is out of fashion and ashamed of itself on a daily/hourly basis. The only reason I get it is when it has a cover CD. I am a sucker for this type of thing, but I have found some really good (and some really awful) bands this way.

Robert Logan is one such discovery on a Wire Sample CD.  The track was called "Accurate Spit Boy". It was as harsh as Aphex Twin, as tuneful as Orbital and as hypnotic as The Orb. So I made a resolve to myself to hunt down the album it was off.  And promptly I forgot about it. Not all the time, and time I hears "Accurate Spit Boy" I would kick myself and say I should hunt for it once home, then real life got in the way.  But last year I finally had a chance to listen to it - and I was not in a fit state to remember it. Story of my life sometimes.  However, I am in a fit state now, clean and sober so what will this almost mythical beast of an album do for me?

As with many electronica albums the production is fantastic, clinical and machine like. The day that Darkthrone release one of these albums will be interesting, but I digress.  Mostly made up of noises and pulsing rhythm this is a strange piece of work. With it's harsh tones but gentle almost dream state back pieces it is not easy to relax to or total freak out with. It demands more from the listener.  "Balaton" just keeps building from soft city scape to almost big brother (1984, not shite TV show) esque background music in my head.  "Angels & Insects" is a fantastic opener and introduction to the album and "Cut By Concrete" is a colossus of a tune which just goes on for ages and seems to take seconds (think about it...).

However, if your not a fan of instrumental electronic music that is a little bit messed in the head like a broken mirror that you will not find much to love here, and I feel that this will not bring more people in. As wonderful as it is insane, as brilliant as it is cold and clinical - it is not an easy record on the ears. It is fascinating and frustrating in ways, but only because it will only be heard by the few and not the masses. Because this is better than the hipsters, it is better than a lot of the supposed big artists. I just hope that it finds a big audience one day, till then I will just have to hate myself with the hipsters and still reach for The Wire once it has a free CD on the cover again.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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