12 January 2013

Public Image Limited - The Is PiL

Bargains - are they all they are cracked up to be.  When out in the shops today (12/1/13) I picked up this album in a charity shop. Was a little shocked to see it in there and have been after hearing the album for a while.  Public Image Limited (or PiL for short) are the band that John Lydon formed after the demise of The Sex Pistols and this album which was released last year was their first album in 20 years.  The fact it was the CD/DVD set for under £3 was even more of a surprise.  Was it there due to the fact it was awful, or did the person who took it in make a mistake.

So, first album in years what does it sound like.  Well, it does not start so well "This is PiL" is the worst track on the album by a country mile, and as an opening track it must be one of the most poor songs that have ever opened an album.  The good news is after that the only way is up and oh yes they do make up for that.  This is a beautiful piece of work, very heavy on the dub (as you would expect), songs like "Human", "Terra-Gate" and "Lollipop Opera" are just fantastic. The self produced album is perfect, actually it is one of the best production jobs I have heard from last year.  If I had have got this last year, Blacklister would have had serious competition. The stand out track of  "Fool" just astounds me. Lydon's voice is not what it once was, but it has somehow improved. Certainly much better than in the early day with the Pistols....

People who are expecting Metal Box will be disappointed as it is not near that album, but that does not make it a poor album, it is a different beast that is all.  It is a more laid back creature, maybe even mature.  It is like it's head creator.  It is older, more wise, still with fire in it's belly and not taking it laying down; however it is not in the mood for a fight as it is in the mood to make you change your mind through words and deeds.  PiL in 2010's are not what they once were, and I for one do not mind that.  If this is the sign of what is to come or even a closing chapter then there is far worse places to start.  To the person who left this for a charity shop - your act of kindness is well received, but you got rid of a corker of an album.

9 out of ten - Almost perfect....Almost

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