23 January 2013

Pig - Geniune American Monster

Industrial music rule one - always make the same beat per song
Industrial music rule two - become the machine

Industrial music rule three - never have fun

Pig are basically a man called Raymond Watts who has also been involved with industrial giants KMFDM. This album was originally released in Japan only in 1999 where he has enjoyed the biggest success, and released everywhere else in 2002.  Mr Watts may follow the rules sometimes, but he also has a firm belief that rules are for breaking I feel.  Because for an industrial album over 14 years old it seems fresh and dear I say it (say it, say it Eddie!!)......fun......

Now I would like to point out from the outset that if you do not like industrial music, this will not change your mind. The machine is very much in charge - but not in the way that has been placed in recent years (IE - man vs machine).  It is an album that does deal in the seedy side of the road - "Flesh Fest", "Riot Religion and Righteousness" and "F.O.M." are songs that are about dark love, attacks on religion and for want of a better word - sex.  Also, for some bizarre reason every now and then you get a samba section crop up with they salsa rhythm and it completely changes the vibes of this album from dark, doom, doom to a acid trip party.

So it is not breaking totally new ground, that is OK. Sometimes you want music of a typical style because it is the style for the mood.  This score would have been a hell of a lot lower if it was not for the fun sections which prove that this music can have humour (in the right doses) and not all of the time. Now to find out if the rest of his stuff is as clever......

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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You can listen to it on Spotify here

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