18 January 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream

Did you know that this group is regarded in some quarters as a supergroup? Not as in "Yeah, they are super!!" - no, I mean in the same way that Temple of The Dog, Super Heavy, Neurotic Outsider, Travelling Wilburys, etc, etc... Not in my head, but there you go. From 1992, this is the 7th album from this Australian band who formed in London, England (keep thinking - also, they are really a multi-national group but nevermind).

When this was released, it came out to great applause and praise from the critics and fans alike. Not so much from the general public, but what do they know?  Well, in this case not a lot. This is a very dark album at times. "Brother, My Cup Is Empty", "Jack The Ripper" and "Papa Won't Leave You, Henry" are prime examples of a band who had tales of murder, betrayal and the balls to sing them.  This is a curious mix of (sorry for saying this first one) country, gospel, roots and blues - all done with a punk attitude, which probably stems from The Birthday Party roots.

It is a short album for Mr Cave & his seeds - just over 40 minutes and 9 tracks. Not that the time goes past fast, you feel every minute of this album. The misery and bleak out look of this dream are very heavy on the narrative of the songs. After this album came a live album based on the tour that followed called Live Seeds (expect a review from Chaney at some point) and whilst this album is not immediately feral as that release, it is not here to give you an easy time.

I think the only thing that I would say bad about this is that it is too short, however that is also perfect as it makes you want more. You will search out other works, so it is actually the best place to start with them.  Not their most complete or best work, but a solid album that will sink it's hooks in you (thank you Megadeth) and drag you under it's own skin. Don't say we didn't warn (and encourage) you.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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