23 January 2013

New Model Army - Thunder & Consolation

Do you remember some bands that you only heard as names instead of their actual content? Let me explain - when I was growing up, there was a few punks who went round with names of their favourite bands on their leather jackets with drawing of their logo's. To me as an impressionable youngster that was one of the coolest thing ever. Never did it myself, I never had the patience for drawing the logo's but I remembered the names of the bands - the Exploited, Sham 69, Killing Joke and New Model Army.

Now I have avoided these guys in some ways. Never out of a real choice - just never seemed to have the time/friends/effort to get to listen to them. However the joy that is Spotify in the UK has become a good source for the stuff I want to hear before either purchasing or recommending.  Now, this is very much of it's time, the 80's production is not the most kindest to the material, also it is a bit on the long side for my own tastes.  However I can see where a few other bands have stolen.... sorry I mean drawn inspiration for their own material (for the guilty party, see The Levellers).  Now I don't exactly get all of what is going on here, sometimes when it should be driving it slows down. Sometimes when a slower number would have worked for me, they go elsewhere.  The actually order of the album does leave a lot to be desired for me.

However, there is not a bad part of this album as a whole, it is very well played.  I particularly liked "Vagabonds", "225" and "Family". Whilst I might not rush to get the album, it has made me curious as to what their other stuff is like. Do they plough a straight line and never deviate?  Do they go to strange places which leave their early roots behind?  I would say that as a starting point the album has done it's job by making me want to hear more, if not drawn me in completely.  A solid if not explosive album which could have used someone else to do the track ordering, making me wonder which albums those punks would have recommended me....

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase it from here

You can listen to on Spotify here

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