2 January 2013

Nekromantik - Fairy Catcher

I want to start this blog with a confession of sorts.  I have a great love of cheesy 80's pop. Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, early Depeche Mode, Bananarama, Prince - honestly my wife does worry about me at time.  I can be happy with anything that has a clever electronic beat, even somethings that aren't so clever (Alter8 anyone???) - and then when I was of a younger again I got into electronic goth music.  I could never dress like these cats as I didn't do any coke, but the music of the time in the late 90's was very music of an improved 80's variety.  The best band (and one of the shortest lived) was Nekromantik.

Coming out London if I remember rightly, these guys were just a vision of glam and black. Musically it has a lot more in common with Depeche Mode, but if they followed a more techno route.  Songs like "Girlstickboy", "Saturnalia" and "Children Go Bang (Infected)" just go by in a pop drug haze.  With only 9 tracks and coming in just around the 40 minute mark it was a brief flame that burnt very bright in their given circle and then split up after one further single and an odds and sods compilation after then imploded in an argument.

Whilst I am a self confessed fan boy here, I can still see the flaws in this album. Variation is not something they were good at (the single and demos on the failed second album showed that was going to have changed), and it is slightly dated in it's appeal now.  Also, the uber goth lyrics are on the wrong side of cheese with the sexual lusting and failed betrayal yada yada bore yada.

But for it's flaws I still love this album.  I wish there was a way that people could hear it and make up their own mind.  But unless you find an original copy (or get a download which I cannot say is a good or a bad thing) it is gonna be an expensive search. If you like your synth pop in a darker colour, I would say this could be the record for you.  For me, it is just a trip down memory lane to a time that was not the best, but it was also not the worst musically.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

For once I cannot give any links to listen to this or purchase it - at the time of writing there is a copy going on eBay for £25 or best nearest offer. Ekk!!!!

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