16 January 2013

Mother Firefly - Silence Sez It All EP

Reviewing friends and people you know if difficult - very difficult, because if they suck you don't want to heard their feelings or if they are really good you don't wanna blow smoke up their collective arses.  This is the situation I find myself in.  I put out an appeal for random album to review and one of the responses was to review Mother Firefly from the North East of England.  Based in Gateshead, they state on their blog that they are grunge with a appeal to fans of Foo Fighters, QOTSA and other bands of that genre.  Whilst not wanting to sound cruel, they are not grunge to these ears -  they are of the alternative/indie side of the road. A bit of early Feeder maybe in there, some Sterophonics, some American Hi-Fi and middle period Manic Street Preachers and I can see the Foo Fighters linking. But their sound is too clean for grunge for me at least

Now this four track EP was self financed and recorded by them as far as I can tell.  Now here it is in the nut shell.  For what the band do, it is well done - I really enjoyed the title track and thought it was a little corker and "Ali" is a little tale of a friend who has done someone in the band wrong.  With it being an EP it is hard to get a real grip on the band as a whole, out of all the tracks on here only "You Make It Easy" does not work for me - but how would it work in a set (to the people who have not heard them before), would it fit in better?  Also I do feel as if this band would benefit from a second guitarist (which I know they are looking for - are at least they were after this had been recorded). End track "All Thanks to You" is the best of the bunch, the most rocky number of the tracks on offer here and the most polished as well.  The production job on the whole EP is very good and unless I head hear read it was self released I would not have guess it.

Now for the bit I'm not looking forward to - how to sum up and be fair and not come across as an ass. With it being an EP I'm not sure how to mark it as it is just a snap shot of where the band are currently at (albeit at this time last year) and not a full picture. They could be further along the road, they could be ready with a new album (which I will gladly like to listen to if they are still talking to me).  The mark I'm giving is work in progress - not the best thing ever, but still a good start, and 3 out 4 tracks making this an enjoyable, if too brief first release.  From now on, I am having guests reviewing anything that is from people I know. It is too stressful otherwise........

6.75 out of ten - Worth checking out (special grading mark as the others didn't seem right)

You can purchase from here (Download only)

You can listen to on Spotify here

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