24 January 2013

Machine Head - Supercharger

Years ago, Machine Head's lead singer Robb Flynn was doing an interview in Metal Hammer.  It was one of those interviews where the reader sends in questions. One of my friends - a certain reviewer on this page called Chris Jermyn - sent in a question which was the first one give to Mr Flynn which read as roughly as follows:

Burn My Eyes, The More Things Change & The Burning Red were albums with passion, fury and balls - what the hell happened with Supercharger?

Mr Flynn laughed it off but tore my friend a new arsehole later on later on in the interview.  It is a generally held belief that this is the weak link in the Machine Head discography, so it came as a slight surprise that the same friend asked me to review this album for the blog. Well, let’s see where we go from here.....

Now this album does have two stand out moments - the song "Bulldozer" is fantastic and in the live set that was released after this it sounded 1,000 times better. The other stand out moment is the title track which needed just a little more of the old grove in it to be an all old Machine Head classic track. 

With that out of the way we can go over the rest of the album.  It is an incredibly poor album, even by Nu-Metal standards. The production lacks punch, the riffs are boring and the overall effect is a band that was running short on ideas and trying to stay focused on being popular, instead of doing what they did best and writing kick ass tunes for the mosh pit and having fun with it. Yes you can make serious songs and statements but the moment you sound bored it shows up in the music - and this album stinks of it.

Up until this point, they had been pretty much untouchable and even The Burning Red had been passable, but this (as point out by my friend to its creator) was a lost album, done by a lost band and delivered to an audience who had lost their faith. They got their fire and balls back on the next album which was just as well, as they would have been noted as also ran’s otherwise.  For the two good tracks alone this does not get as low a mark as it could have done. If you are going to start listening to Machine Head, there is much better places to start.  This is only for people who want a complete Machine Head collection and even then that is at a push.

2 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

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