23 January 2013

Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight

Post punk is a strange beast - a few days ago on an off day I put on the Post Punk radio service on LAST FM, so of it was good, so quite frankly was awful and this one jumped out. But of course it would, it is the debut from Hot Snakes. This is one of the many side projects of John Reis (from Rocket From The Crypt, Night Marchers, etc) and Rick Froberg (Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork, etc). By the very nature of being a side project, they rarely played together and after 3 albums split up. However in 2011 they have signs of life in the old ghost and I for one can only hope a new album in the offering.

Whilst sharing some of RFTC's style sensibilities (that guitar playing is so noticeable that even in the dark you can tell it is Reis), however it is more back to basics, more feral and to be honest a whole lot more enjoyable than other side projects I have heard.  The self produced album is just over 30 minutes in length and does not really let the feeling get any lower than fun. There is no downside to this album that I can see, even if it does not change the world. That is not the mission of this record, it's only goal is to be an honest record to entertain.  If they tried to do more, like save tigers and stuff it would not suit what they are about - which is to party.

It may not have a song that towers above the rest, it may be more fuzzy than a students face during movember (seriously chaps, leave the beards to real men - even if it is for charity just give the money yourselves), it may even feel like it could have done with being longer (tbh - some albums know when to leave the party - this is perfect in that length, not too long, keep them wanting more), it may even have possibly the most lazy cover drawing since anything Bob Dylan has drawn himself - but by the deity it is a brilliant Rock N Roll, Post Punk, Alternative good time record. It does what it says on the tin which is make you want to dance around for a bit and forget the world. Simples!

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase from here (it is slightly cheaper on iTunes in the UK)

You can listen to on Spotify here

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