24 January 2013

Gotye - Making Mirrors

Last year, one song took over the world like a plague. It was on every music channel, commercials, radio, memes were created in its honour and it made a little known act from Australia into a global star.  The song in question is called "Somebody That I Used to Know" and this is the album that it is off. It is the third album by Gotye and it seemed to explode and take its author by as much of a surprise as the rest of the world.

Originally released in 2011 it came out to little fanfare and it has been a real slow burner of a record. Also, if people were expecting an album full of "Somebody That I Used to Know" will be sorely disappointed. It is quite possible the best album that Peter Gabriel & Sting didn't do. It is so unassuming and in places a little weird. For every pop moment - "Eyes Wide Open", "Save Me" - there is a strange piece - "State of The Art, "Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching". There is a little bit of Atlantic R&B "I Feel Better", in fact this album is like a piece on lots of things.

It also makes the album not feel complete. It feels like it is a scrapbook, and no matter how well it is played it still feels like it is a mis-match of ill fitting pieces. You can connect with single songs, but the album as a whole is not great. I like the fact it is not full of "Somebody...'s" as that would have been a tad boring, and there is a couple of pieces which are outstanding pieces of work which have bumped up the grade below. But overall, it leave me wish that there was a little bit more to it, that there was something else to be had and that

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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