6 January 2013

Ginger - Mutation:The Frankenstein Effect

Time to tackle something that is actually been release in the last few weeks!!!! How up to date is that! Over the last year Ginger Wildheart has been using the Pledge Music website to release his works.  Basically it works like this. The artist asks for the funds up front and offers many packages - such as download loads, signed editions of CD's, names on the CD booklet, etc - in return for the funds.  So basically it is a way for fans to help artist get there work out without the record company getting in the way.  Sounds like a good idea....

This is technically the fifth release that Ginger has done in the last 12 months.  His first project - 555% - was a triple disc album, 10 songs being released at a time and before this release there was the all so sugary Hey Hello (both to be reviewed soon).  Now on the basic pledge for the latest pledge you get both Hey Hello and the two parts of Mutation as downloads.  So I took the leap of faith again and here we are again with more songs for the pledgers listening pleasure.  Of all the projects though this is the one which has had me the most curious.  This list of people who are involved in this project is just mindblowing -

Rich Jones (Black 
Tom Spencer (The Yo Yo’s)
Chris Catalyst (Sisters Of Mercy/Eureka Machines) 
Denzel (Young Legionnaire)

Dom Lawson (OAF)
Paul Catten (ex Medula Nocte, Murder One)
Pulled Apart By Horses
Hawk Eyes
Shane Embury (Napalm Death), 

Jon Poole (Cardiacs)
Simon Wright (Canaya)
Mark E Smith (The Fall)

As a fan of the Wildhearts, related bands and messed up music this list has me very excited.

Now we were told to expect the album to be more heavy than the last few releases. This, coupled with the list above made me very curious/excited/built slightly unreal expectations in my head.  I think I was expecting Endless Nameless (an old Wildhearts album which is just bonkers - you should all hear it!), but it was not even near that beast.  It is a heavier release compared to 555% and Hey Hello.  But it is not the ground breaking release that my mind wanted. 

Does this mean the album is a let down and a failure?  Of course not, it is a very good album - tracks like "Rats", "Compass Point", "Gruntwhore" and "Wham City" (the later being one of my favourite on this release) make this a solid release.  The word I have with it already is slower burner - it is not immediate, instant in it's rewards, but even after 7 or 8 listens I find myself falling for it more and more.  I could complain that some of the twists in the music are not that much of a surprise after listening to Ginger for so many years, but that is not saying that it is a bad thing - again far from it. I could complain that I wanted a new album of white noise - maybe the second part will be harsher (will soon be finding out), but that is not what is on offer here.  What is on offer is an album that tried to bring out the darker side of Ginger, the points that are not all good time rock and roll, the parts which are not quite right for his own solo work.  The only complaints I really should have with any of this is that my mind was expecting more, but I have not been disappointed here. This is a work which will take a while to get, once you have got it you will find that sometimes it is good to do things a little different.  So he has made a good start here for the first part of Mutation, let's see what part 2 brings.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can only get it from here and it is for a limited time - 54 days at time of writing

Not on spotify at the time of writing

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