9 January 2013

Ginger - Mutation:Error 500

So here is part two of the Mutation project - on my first blog - The Frankenstein Effect - I looked at the first part of this pledge by the changeable Geordie with his merry bunch of (for want of a better word) nutters who have been making some brilliant music.  Now I will not list all the people involved again  or describe how the project was started and works as that would be a slight waste of time - you can read the other blog, go on...it is really good! I also stated that I was slightly disappointed by the first part, but that it was probably because I wanted more and my mind had been building it up too much.  Well, here we are for a second helping of Mutation - so is it going to be bitter or sweet?

Well, to be honest this is what I wanted from the album as a whole.  To use a phrase that one of my friends uses - it is madder than a bunch of frogs in a box, in a sack full of cats who are very annoyed.  This is just a beautifully twisted piece of work.  I love the title track with Mark E Smith of the Fall & Merzbow, I love "Bracken" with it's store setting fuck you attitude, I love the simple to harsh riff and twisted vocals of "Computer, This Is Not What I...." everything about this is what I wanted of the whole project. If Frank Zappa had have been alive, he would have been part of this as well I am sure of it.

This makes up for the first part so much, it is also a hard one to sell to two groups of people.  Firstly, if you are not too good with harsh music that is challenging, aggressive and has more issues than the National Geographic - you will be best served going to you safe side of the street with whatever classes as safe these days (is Razorlight still going?). Also it might be a bit too much for some Wildhearts/Ginger fans.  They are (and I include myself in this group) a strange bunch of fellows and girls who are not always good with change. And some of this is quite far away from that particular comfort zone, even if you add in the Endless Nameless factor - and that is a very, very good thing.

You see this is separate to all of that, even though it has came from the same mind which brought us "29 X The Pain", "Rooting For The Bad Guys" and "I Wanna Go Where The People Go".  You can still hear hints of Wildhearts (it's Ginger, that is always going to be there), but you can also hear the other people on this half of the album.  However they release this - I think that there will be a best of Mutation compilation for general release at some point, much like the 100% that was released after 555% came out - it will still be crazy.  The second half of this is already looking good for album of the year, and we are only 9 days into January.  So, Mr Wildheart - we salute you and your boxes of Frogs. Here is to the next pledges.

For this album the mark is:

10 out of 10 - This is proof that there is a God

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Batman symbol - When you are unable to choose what it is, always choose Batman

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