17 January 2013

Fear Factory - Demanufacture

Music which seems new and futuristic can appear so dated and old in retrospect. Industrial music is something that tend to not age that well, it seems to end up being a product of it's time. Other times it can seem as timeless as a masterpiece in the Louvre. Demanufacture was a well worn classic from my youth. Man against the machines in music, with guitars and keyboards played very loudly!!!!! As a young impressionable fella I was amazed that this sort of music existed.

So has it aged gracefully, or it is a shadow of it's former glory?  Well, that depends on how much you like industrial and the music. For me, in places it was not as good as I remembered. The production not quite as crisp and fresh as it used to be. Also, the lyrics as always with Fear Factory are truly primary school level ridiculous. The best song lyrically is the cover of "Dog Day Sunrise" originally by Head of David, take "New Breed" as an example of how to try to hard in the lyric department.

Now, it may seem like I am going to tear this record to tatters, well don't you believe it. Whilst in places it is flawed, it is a genuinely important record in the grander scheme of things.  "Replica", "Body Hammer", "Self Bias Resistor", the title track - apart from a couple of fillers, this album is a classic and proof that when they were on form, they were unstoppable. Whilst not wanting to go on about the group's history, they have become something of a shambles since and have been to the well a little too often. But this album has stood against the test of time for the most part.  Pity they cannot release more albums in this mould, as it should have been the launching pad to better things, not the benchmark that they would fail to meet again.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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