17 January 2013

Everything Everything - Man Alive

Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes not what you want, but you will receive something at least.  Last night I got a list of albums to review and some of them I have not heard before, some of them are familiar to me and some are price gems in the musical sea that surrounds my mind at the best of times.  Everything Everything are so far an unknown quantity until today. Just like ships that sail past in the night, they have not even registered on my radar. So on the request of a friend I am diving in with their debut Man Alive.

Come out of various places in England, but residing in Manchester, these boys have been have been playing since 2007 and have been nominated for various shortlist of up and coming band of the year and (after a bit if research on my behalf) generally have NME falling over themselves to listen to them.  Usually this is a sign for me to avoid the like the plague, me and NME bands tend not to have a good relationship. Not because they are on NME and I hate them, or that they turned me down for anything - never even been near that sort of level of stuff. It is just they seem to have a knack of hyping a band that makes me want to put pencils in my ears and slap my hands against my head.  So once I had that piece of information I was a little apprehensive about this album.

From the off they do have a familiar sound, musically I can hear a bit of Yeasayer, Bloc Party, Erasure and I can see where Spector took some of their sound. The production is a very good job on here and none of the songs make me reach for a couple of HB's.  But as music as I was enjoying the music, I found the singer to have a voice that made my head hurt. When they were singing in a low tone, it was bearable - but for the most part it was when he is trying to do the falsetto it just sounds like a cat being rolled down a hill as he chases a mouse and he trips over a branch. It spoils what could have been a decent little electronic indie hybrid.

If this is your cup of tea, then good on you. I have stuff I listen to which is not to other people's tastes and I don't want to run this band down as the music itself is well played. But the vocalist has just made it an album that is very hard for me to tolerate, let alone like or even love.

2 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

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