27 January 2013

Ed Sheeran - +

I have a certain addiction to well crafted pop albums. When done correctly, pop music can be just as relevant as any other genre.  For a while I have heard very good reports about Ed Sheeran, and he seems to have been everywhere.  Radio, TV, magazines - the strangest place was on the adverts for a UK radio station call "Capital FM" - you had Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, JLS and then this small Ron Weasley-esq boy looking sort of uncomfortable.  If you have no idea who the other 3 people I have just mentioned are, just go and switch on your local pop radio station, I'm sure they will be on their - and I am sorry......

Now for some positives on this - as you get with most pop albums, the production is very slick, the music is well played and it is all very safe.  Now that is out of the way, time for the rest of it. Lyrically I have heard this album 1,000 times and it is has also been written 1,000 times better.  This is very much like how I imagine David Gray started out - but somehow this has got a lot bigger than when he started. There is no really passion behind what is on offer here. The guy is writing that he has all these problems with love and travelling but from what I can gather it is probably all his own work for wanting the world to love him. Sacrifice is what happens when you chase the dream and you have to leave stuff behind, but do we really need to hear about it all over again and in such a forced way?

There is a few ok moments "Lego House" being the best of them, but it is few and far between for this blogger here.  It is not an offensive album; it is just so vanilla without trying. It is for people who want to not really think and to be fed their next break up soundtrack. There is no fire, intensity or drive to it - anything that can make Frank Turner sound like Napalm Death is capable of an amazing trick here. Actually, there is a thing - if you want heartfelt emotions and how to do this music right in a modern way, listen to Frank Turner, as Mr Sheeran just does not have it all together yet to justify the fame he has received.

2.5 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

You can purchase it from here

You can listen to it on Spotify here

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