11 January 2013

Black Moth - The Killing Jar

Chosen by Lord Lee R. Harrison from the wonderfully named FEARhouse, this is the mystery record of the week.  Hailing from Leeds in the UK, this five piece of Yorkshire are trying there hand at making the sort of doom metal/rock that those of you who have listened to Danzig, Black Sabbath, Jex Thoth, a little bit of a Queens of The Stone Age vibe and maybe Jucifer as well.

First off I would like to point out that the production on this album made me wonder what the second guitarist was doing for most of the song. It didn't seem to be a five piece and someone got the Newstead effect for their instrument.  I know some bands might like this sound, but if you have two guitarists then does need to be some sort of difference.  Also whilst I am not over found of the vocalist a little flat in places - not the fact it is a female vocalist, I actually dig that and think it adds interest, but she sounds a lot better when she is doing the more bass vocals.  And finally I think they really need to drop their influences, at times I spent more time noting the bands that they liked compared to just listening to the album.

OK, that is the negatives out of the way - now for the positives, overall the tone on the album when the mix is right just stomps like a mythical beast trying to get to the virgin chained to the rock.  It is not the deepest or dirtiest vibe I have ever heard, but it is so well done that it sort of masks most of the things that make the album a little frustrating.  OK it is not the most original sound but again when done right it is really good. Shame it is not all the time, otherwise this could have been one of the best debuts I have heard.  I reckon that if this band get to release a second album it will be really hard to ignore them. But at the moment, this just seems like they are not sure who they are. 

4 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

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