16 January 2013

Bad Brains - Into The Future

Some bands just release something out of nowhere. Last year, the legends that are Bad Brains came forth with this little offering, being released as a tribute to the late Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys (who produced their last album - the marvellous Build A Nation which was released in 2007. So, a small gap between releases there (not as big as the last one, which was 1995 between releasing new material).  So there was no excitement when it was release, just a sense of shock that it had came out of the blue. Upon researching this I see that it was announced in March that this was coming, but nothing reached Castle ATTIWLTMOWOS. Damm postie....

Now, for me I can never see past their first demos, which was released as Bad Brains. They were just so fuzzy, angry, dub heavy and feral that it has outshone the studio versions on other albums. This album does not eclipse that for, but I have to say I have not had so much fun with a new Bad Brains album in many years.  Yes it is not as fast or as angry, but it is just a beast of a record. The balance between the two forces (dub/hardcore) is perfect on here. Dr. Know just nails the guitar time and time again on this album, H.R. sounds so graceful on this and the back line of Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson is on fire over the whole album.

From the opening intro of "Into The Future" to the wonderful tribute in "Mca dub" there is not one poor track, nothing that is making me question them coming back together as sometimes when band come back - even for a tribute for a fallen friend - it can all go wrong.  But this album is a glowing tribute to the late Adam Yauch and also to the legacy of Bad Brains themselves.  If they end with this, it would be a perfect album to end on - but I do hope they keep the fire going and continue. The well is not dry at all, this album is not looking back in to past glories but to the future and saying goodbye to a friend. An almost perfect album for me, almost.....

9 out of ten - Almost perfect....Almost

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