12 December 2012

Zen Guerrilla - Shadows On The Sun

From 2001 this was the 5th release from Zen Guerrilla who originally hail from Newark, Delware - however it could have quite easily came from the 1970's via a smoke filled time machine.  The only reason I know this was done in 2001 is that I have the CD which I have been playing for the last few hours just so I can make sure I have not stolen one of my mates rock out and jam albums. 

OK, off the bat to begin with - this is a very limited type of release in regards to it's audience.  You are either going to fall in love with this band so heavily that they will make you wish to pick up an air guitar and solo in front of your mirror and friends whilst you do you best Hendrix impression, or you are going to reach for the stop button, go to the corner of your room and rock backwards and forwards whilst listening to your Mumford and Sons CD whispering "everything will be OK, they cannot hurt me now" with one salty tear trickling down your face.

Fuzzy guitars and even fuzzier vocals are the call of the day, it sounds like it was produced in a very old school way and every song has at least one guitar solo - even the slow bluesy number.   Stand out tracks for me on this album were the funky "Graffiti Hustle", the slow and still somehow move able "Smoke Rings'", the blues and keyboard featuring "Evening Sun'" and the tap-tap jive of "Where's My Halo?" would be perfect to any mix tape of each every every stoner and rocker from here to the next world.

Now whilst this is not a perfect release, it is a more forward looking record that the last album I reviewed (See the Sons of The North review).  As I mentioned in that review, they had the right ingredients for a band but managed to mess it up big style.  This band are the other way around in that equation.  They have got it spot on, not fucked with it too much and this album just sounds like it was a barrel of fun to make and I do fall in the guitar solo section of the listening audience.  The band split up shortly after this and some of the members have gone onto new projects which will be reviewed soon.  For those about to rock - get this one and they will salute you!!!!

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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You can listen to it on Spotify here

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