15 December 2012

Weather Report - Sweetnighter

A suggestion from the same guy that came up with the idea of me listening to Civilization Phaze III - sometimes I make rods for my own back.  For the people that do not know, Weather Report were a jazz fusion band that lasted from 1970 till 1986. This was their fourth album and was recorded within 5 days. That's how bands did it back then, none of this 4 years of recording and looking for the right notes, they would just put it down then tour for many moons.

Unlike the other album suggested by the same fellow, this is not as hard to listen to.  There is a sort of rhythm and time to it which makes it slightly easier on the ear. At 6 tracks and just shy of 45 minutes it is also not most longest of the Weather Report albums.  It is produced to a sound that will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen a 70's cop show.  Half the time that I was listening to it I was expecting some cops to drive up the back lane I can see from my window and knock over a pile of cardboard boxes which would just happen to be there.

Musically though this does not do much for me, having heard other of their stuff - including what the guy who suggested this calls the happiest song in the world "Birdland" - I feel that this is not an album I would go out of my way to hunt down again.  None of the songs are poor, far from it - they have a nice vibe once they get going.  But it is always once they get going and sometimes even then it is not enough.  This album is the equivalent of Sunday afternoon telly.  Easy to behold but you cannot for the life of you remember what you just witnessed.

So not one for setting the world alight or for a night out.  If you do not want to offend people with something that is too intrusive, this is your album - but you will have trouble remembering the title or if it was any cop.

3.5 out of ten - Not for everyone but played well

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