15 December 2012

Waves on Canvas - Into the Northsea

Sometimes it is a joy to find a little small piece of music that you normally would not have found.  The first time I heard Waves on Canvas was earlier this year when I bought The Wire magazine against my best thoughts - the magazine is so hipster it is out of fashion by the time that it is printed.  But whenever I see an issue with a CD I tend to leave my mind at the door as there tends to be at least one or two tracks that perk up my interest. On this CD it was Waves on Canvas which caught my attention with the wonderful "Flowers of The Sea".

This is the brain child of one Stefano Guzzetti, and if you are expecting to rock out then you may want to look at one of the other reviews on the blog.  This is very minimal, it is almost sparse in places.  It builds up pieces, crafts them into small worlds which feel like summer days when you were a child and cares were not part of your world.  The lead single "Angel" is a mesmerising tune with vocals supplied by Louise Rutkowski from This Mortal Coil, "Starfish" which features the vocal talents of Ian Masters of Pale Saint (This track just nailed the whole album for me BTW), elsewhere on the album you have the almost fairy chasing wonder that is "Stella" and the majestic vision that is features Irene Nonnis (not too sure who this lady is but her voice brings this piece to a beautiful place which is a very good place in my minds eye).

So, is there any problems with this album?  Well, no there is not.  I have a fear that someone out there might do a trance mix of one of these songs which will take away from the beauty on show here, but that is nothing to do with this album.  This is a work that just wants you to listen to it, and just for a few moments on this cold winters December night in the north east of England, I was took back to a warm beach when I was young and free in my eyes mind.  An amazing release and I will follow this man's work with great interest.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Here is the amazon link however -

- Here is one for bandcamp as well

- and a direct link to the shop on WoC website

You can also listen to on Spotify here as well

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