21 December 2012

Waheela - Lost Murray

Message from Eddie - This is the first of my guest bloggers reviewing the very heavy (very umble) Waheela. I take no responsibility for what is said. ;-)


I really, really wish I had have signed up for that creative writing course.....

The singer does not sound well. I am naturally very cynical with a black sense of humour, so I am trying not to turn this into a forum for my jokes.  From deepest darkest Gateshead (well 2 of them do anyway) formed in around 2010 (could have been earlier - fuck knows) this group of ne'er-do-wells try their best to free-form a mix of sludge-doom drone born out of the ashes of Jake Bannons nightmares. Let me put it this way, there shite... I mean the nightmares not the band. (See I told you I had a black sense of humour!!!)

Ploughing a similar musical furrow to North East England's drone merchants Marzuuran in places, with black metal vocals this one track provides a wonderful noisy catharsis to those who are able to handle it (I really deserve some funds for this!!!!). 25 minutes in length, it is at least twice as long as this review.  Whilst the recording is good, it is nothing compared to their incendiary live shenanigans. 

One of the two problems with reviewing this is that it is only one track! The other is that the Potts brothers owe me money for the earlier compliment..... Surprisingly half way through it get melodic, which comes as a big shock. Whilst this is good, go and see them live and expect the unexpected. 

Right there you go people, the review is done I must be off as I need the bog (toilet for our American cousins).

Peace, love and Chickens.

7 out of 10 - It is good for once in a while

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