2 December 2012

Tori Amos - Night of Hunters

So for the opening blog I am not going to go for an album I love. This is not even an album I like. It is one I am disappointed with.

Now for the record I want to say that I am a big fan of Tori Amos' back catalogue. Scarlet's Walk, Under The Pink - I even love Strange Little Girls with the Eminem and Slayer covers. The album starts off very promising, the opening song "Shattering Sea" was just a perfect opening shot. Tori has been making noises about doing a classical album for many a moon. So my expectations were high enough as I thought she would be the person to pull it off.

Alas, it starts to go downhill very quickly, each song does not really move on. Not that they are not played well. That might have made this more forgivable.  "Battle of Trees" & "Fearlessness" are fine but no real variation of the opening theme. "Catcus Practice" sounds painful, doing a duet with her daughter whilst might have been a fun idea, the end result - for that song at least - just does not work.

I think maybe the main problem of this album is the fact I was expecting so much from it. I know that you should always go into an album with an open mind, but on this one I went in with a hope with was bored to death.  I cannot fault the playing, as ever the piano is pitch perfect, but that cannot save the melodies, vocals and the pace.  By the time I get to "Carry" I just want the album to finish. about 6 tracks earlier.  This would have made a wonderful quirky ep. However it is just a disappointment of an album, one which I would say is for completest only.  I know that there will be better to come, just next time I hope that their is some control on the length of the album.

3.5 out of 10 - Not for everyone, but played well.

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