8 December 2012

The Twilight Singers - She Loves You

For this one I tried a 5 degrees type of thing using Spotify - the band is the fifth degree away from Ben Folds I got to.  The Twilight Singers started out as a side project of Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs which has since became his main band.  This was their third release in 2004 and is a covers album.

Now covers albums are a dangerous thing for a band.  They are rarely above average and mostly just used to either finish contracts - see Guns N' Roses The Spaghetti Incident and Duran Duran's Thank You for examples on how not to do this sort of thing.  Whilst I have heard a few of the Afghan Whigs albums before this is my first introduction to The Twilight Singers.  Musically it is not that much of a departure from Mr Dullo's former band. The cover that have been picked here range from Trip hop to Jazz and back via R & B (the correct version of R&B by the way), and songs by Marvin Gaye, Bjork, Skip James and others.

As with lots of albums you cannot fault the delivery, the songs sound crisp and well played. Dulli's voice has not diminished with years and sounds as strong as it was back when he was starting out with the Whigs.  However this album is not the bands own work and as with all covers albums that have came before hand and that will come afterwards, you get the feeling it is just a stop gap to keep them in the light.  Even the appearance of Mark Lanegan cannot shift the feeling that this is a few tracks too long and not an essential release.

Cover albums then are not the best place to start for a band then, hopefully when I next listen to them (and I will over the next few months as there was enough to create an interest here) I will hopefully be able to get a better picture of them as this just does what all cover bands do when you see them in a bar - it just a tribute to the original and not an improvement.

3 out of 10 - Not for everyone but played well

You can purchase it here

You can listen to this on Spotify here

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