13 December 2012

The Night Marchers - See You In Magic

Some people you just can't keep down, they will come back a fighting when the world has supposedly dealt them out of the game.  John Reis is one of those guys.  The Night Marchers were formed in 2007 after all his other projects (Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, The Hot Snakes and the Sultans) had came to an end.  Unlike most of those bands, this band has a heavy leaning to a surf rock sound in mix.

All through this album you have a sense of the everyday, it has been done by regular Joe's who just love the music that they are making. Whilst the songs would be hard to imagine being played to a Stadium full of people (although I would also love to witness that day), you can imagine them making a small club or even Uni venue jumping around in joy to this sort of stuff.  "In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)" is a slowly burning monster of a song, "Open Your Legs" sounds like someone stolen one of Queens Of The Stone Age's lyrics and messed around with the riff with some very good results, "Bad Blood" would be a welcome on any Garage compilations and "We're Goin' Down" is a fun tale about the end of the world.

So, job well done, full marks and to the top of the class for this record?  No, not really.  For all of it's fun and little moments of joy, there is a little too much on the album that is just... well there. Some of it does not excite as much as it supposed to, when you expect an omph, you get a gentle roll; whilst some build ups feel brilliant, they just build up to nothing and fall down to a ending that does not exactly disappoint but it does not satisfy either.  Having seen these guys live I can tell you that the energy they have live does not come across on here as much as I hoped for, even after many a listen I still feel their was more to give, but something held them back.

This could have been an underground breaking album with a little more care and attention, as it has been delivered it is a good little introduction.  They are going to be releasing a new album in 2013 and currently have a free track from it on Soundclound.  I'm sure I will be checking them out and hoping for a day when they visit these shores again and charm me into their world.  Till then I will just hope the next album is slightly better, and I have no doubt that they will keep on swinging all the way down as well.

6 out of 10 - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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