22 December 2012

The Muppets - The Muppets OST

So here is the 50th review - as chosen by my lady wife and it is possibly a view into my mind that not many people that know me will be surprised at - for the people that don't, it is a insight into my mind.  This is the most recent Muppets soundtrack.  A mixture of original material written by Bret McKenzie (of Flight of The Conchords fame), it is as it says - the music that was used in the movie, plus some dialogue from the movie.

Now the big selling point for this is how much you like The Muppets, the movie and (as one of the characters in the movie says) The Julie-Andrews goody-too-shoes entertainment.  If you are not a Muppets fan, or a Disney hater then this will not be for you.  You will need to find something else to make you feel warm inside - maybe Jeremy Jyle where you can view members of your family.  For the rest of us, this is a sing-along, comedy film, heart warming little album.

Songs like "Man or A Muppet" (the one that won the Oscar and rightly so), "Life's A Happy Song", "A Me Party" and the barber shop quartet of "Smells Like Teen Spirits" are just so singable.  I will admit this is a very marmite release - not everyone will want to hear the songs outside of the context of the film, and some of the extended songs are just not the as good - the films editing just made it much better. "Let's Talk About Me" just needed to be a little bit shorter even if it explains why the main bad guy hates the Muppets, even the full version of "Smells like..." does not work for me totally.  Also, the UK version is missing Gary Numan's Cars and it has Olly Murs on it! Wrong way wrong there, but that is just my opinion.

So this is for fan boys, girls and whatevers - If you fall into that section of the world, well done.  If not, well done. But life is a happy song when there is someone beside you to sing along. :-)

Here is to the next 50 blogs. :-)

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase from here

You can listen to here on Spotify

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