11 December 2012

Hail Social - Hail Social

Sometimes I purchase or look into an album purely based on the cover.  I tend to have no idea what is going on below, but it is how I discovered a lot of my favourite albums.  Mainly I guess that it is the fact I have no idea what is going to come.  Looking at this cover I was almost expecting a punk or metal album.  But was I in for a big surprise.

I know very little about the background of this band and the section about them on Wikipedia is tiny.  All I can gather from it is that they were originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they released two albums and a few EP's, split in 2009 and the singer is now in a Electronic project called Memory Tapes.  I guess that not know much about a band means I can totally look at this without any formed ideas of what to write about them.

Musically, this is from the almost dance-indie period where the Klaxons and others were very popular.  It seems to have a most funky feel than lots of other indie works of it's time.  The lyrics are very dark and brooding at times as well - "Hands Are Tied", "Another Face" and the album's stand out track "No Title" whilst musically not being that dark come across as just about as dark as midnight in a cave when you get to the lyrical content. Who ever wrote these in the band must have been pretty angry at the time of making this album.

At nine tracks and just over 32 minutes it moves along at a swift, if not a truly fast pace and doesn't leave much time for the listener to get bored.  The riffs and hooks that come from almost out of nowhere should have had the indie crowd in a trance and somehow they missed that part of their career.  It is a shame that they are no more, but sometimes thinks are best left as they are and in a small package. This band have there body of work and moved onto new pastures, and this release is a hidden treasure in the vast sea of musical tastes.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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