7 December 2012

Regina Spektor - Far

Another requested listen - this time from Mrs All The Time...... let's hope I can do this justice (and have the grammar correct as well ;-) ).  This lady first came to my attention when I ended up watching her set from Glastonbury on the tv in 2009 so about the time this was released.  It was in the middle of the rain, and this very charming lady was wondered onto stage and giggled a bit. I was not 100% sure what was going to happen, thought it might be some sort of stoned female roadie.  Then she started to play.....

But this is not a review of that performance, it is a look at her fourth release. If you have not heard anything by this lady before, the best way to describe it would be as thus - If you try to follow the lyrics and discover there meaning, you will have been able to use your time better trying to fix the black hole in the centre of our galaxy a piece of jelly, a joke book and some broken splintered drum stick.  On the same sort of trip that I find The Flaming Lips, Rush and another other dream writer, she has a wonderful way with words which just takes you on a journey that will take time to understand and get.  But do not think for one minute that it is all zany dreams and that she does not have the ability to turn on the serious - "Laughing With" deals with the times when people do not laugh at God, it is all somber and very heart felt -  then when she gets into the chorus it is back to God playing hacky sacks and parties.

So you maybe asking is the music more accessible - well - again this depends on what you view as accessible.  If you are wanting a drone festival of sound and to be screamed at then this may not be your kettle of fish.  However, if you are looking for some quality piano music which suits the story telling manners of it's writer, does not hide her roots (being of born in Russia in a Jewish family and raised in America) and is almost like a teenage drawing of a perfect bedroom when they are just discovering their own artist styling.  The stand out tracks for me are "The Calculation" which deals about dividing up a relationship into minutes, hours and functions, "Two Birds" a song about the end of friendship and "Man of A Thousand Faces" which bring the album to an end with it's heartfelt story of a man who is just wanting something to be good which is better than perfect....again, you have to listen to it - it mentions the moon a lot and stealing pages from books.....

By the time you get to the end of the 13 tracks if you were trying to make sense of Ms Spektor you might find it a bit hard to figure out if you have learnt anything about her at all. However, there is something more here.  It is an album that keeps on giving, even in the tracks which I was not firstly too bothered about such as "Machine" - each listen brings another layer of colour which was not there upon the first listen.  This album will more than likely remain for the dreamers and artists, but it will be a shame if everyone else did not at least give it a try.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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