6 December 2012

Prince - The Gold Experience

His Purple Highness, the man who turned himself into a symbol, born again Mormon, the man who stole the funk from James Brown - Prince Rogers Nelson.  The man who can play basket ball in heels.  Bless his cottons. This was his 17th album release and just about slap bang in the middle of a dispute with Warner Brothers who didn't want to release the album at the time as they thought it would be an album too much.

At the time this was released, there was hardly any promotion given to it as had been done with previous albums from Little Boy Nelson. However, it did have 5 singles released from it, including the UK chart topping "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World".  Clocking in at just over an hour long, with a few segway piece to give the over all album a feel of a alternative reality experience where each song takes you to a new world which all seem to have a lot to do with sex. 

Taking in many style of funk, solo, pop and rock - this would have been one of the party albums of 1995. Stand out track "Gold" is a regular getting ready song with a spectacular guitar solo at the end, "We March" is a great little number for a club, "The Most Beautiful...." should have been on the Jay & Silent Bob film, but Mr Prince nixed it - even genius can have a flaw it seems - and "Billy Jack Bitch" is just a song from the 90's with 80's sensibility.

But for all the fun, it is not his best work ever. It is close, so close you can see the reflection of Sign O' The Times on the CD case.  However, just cause it is not his best does not mean it is not a great album. It is a album that makes the 10 year old in me (was not 10 at the time - but that is besides the point) want to dance around the room and wonder what all this talking about cats and dogs was about.  For anyone who has not fell under his Purple highness's spell - this is a good place to start.  Even if he as crazy as a bag of cats.

9 out of 10 - Almost perfect....Almost

You can purchase from here

Sorry it is not on Spotify kids.....

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