29 December 2012

Oxbow - An Evil Heat

Some people are terrifying. Not that they are nasty, just they are just plain scary. Eugene Robinson the vocalist of Oxbow is just plain scary. He is straight as a dice, does not flinch in his belief about his music and likes to fight. One of my friends corresponded with him via email and said it was one of the best things that has ever happened to him.  If I was offered the chance to meet these guys, I would probably decline as I would not want to say something stupid and end up a puddle on the floor.

Formed in 1989, this is the 5th studio album by the four piece from San Francisco, California. Did I start here for any reason?  No, not really - just went for the cover which interested me the most.  Musically it is a harsh record. A primal statement of aggression, pain and anger - this is not for the weak at heart or for people who have no interest in feeling uncomfortable whilst listening to music.  It is a challenging, engaging record.  Never does it stray from it's purpose of demanding the listener to give it any more than their full attention. If your wanting a happy sunny record about your girl and the good times, you are in the wrong place and about to have your sunshine bubble exploded.

Over 8 tracks and 42+ minutes, you are invited to sample in a world which is quite frankly both fascinating and a complete nightmare.  When songs like "Stallkicker" start to get quite, you start to worry where the next punch is going from. "S Bar X" is just a vision of hurt and agony which gives this writer a headache trying to think of worlds to describe how awesome/terrifying this truly is. Stand out track for me is "Sawmill" it just comes in such a way that by the time your trying to escape, there is nowhere to go but forward and give into this vision that does not give a fuck if your there are not.

Not as I have sort of hinted at heavily, this is not for everyone - and I don't think the band would have it any other way.  There is not one compromise on here, not one inch given, this is their vision, their statement and their property.  And I am so glad that bands like this exist, I wish that more of them had the ability to make some money out of it (seriously, if your thinking about getting any stuff by these guys, purchase it from them on the link below). Because if they cannot eat, there will be a day when they cannot make these ghastly nightmare-ish visions that both take you to heights that you did not know and the places where you did not wish to tread.  Approach with care, and be thankful when you get what is going on.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase here

You can purchase directly from the band here (Much better idea)

You can listen to here on Spotify

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