2 December 2012

Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems - Memorial

Hailing from Belgium, these manics come a scene called "Mathcore". If this is new to you, basically it is some sort of technical hardcore with messed up time signatures, sudden shifts in riffs and almost frantic levels of musical speed and shouting which can go to silence in seconds.

As far as I can tell, this was possibly there only major release (if I am wrong and you know more, please let me know and I will amend this). All nine tracks are of an aggressive nature, not some much taking you on a journey but taking you by the short and curlies and dragging you across some broken glass and pottery and telling you that you have been a very naughty boy in language that is not for the faint hearted.  In this very small but fascinating record, they have tried to cram as much as they can within 35 minutes (which is quite short for a Mathcore album to be honest) and they do not waste any time going from the opener "Asphalt River" to the gigantic form that is "Caucasian Female Delinquent" via the rather majestic "Deathwish Shooter Cocktail Recipe". 

However, it is not one I will be going for in much of a hurry. Not that it is played bad, quite far from it to be truthful - it is well played and I may have done a little dance to one of the songs. It is just not the most obvious choice to listen to for any other reason than to shout at people. And there is many other people who do this just a little bit better than these guys did (they split in 2006, just a year after this release). So a very good record with a strong production, just not the one I will be picking out every other month, moon or year.

4.5 - In it's own field I think this is ok - but not for me

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