15 December 2012

Nutmeg - The Trigger

For what is going to become a weekly thing I used spotify to find something I have not heard before by hitting randomly from one band to another 6 times.  This week I have stumbled across Nutmeg who come from Örnsköldsvik in Sweden.  Punk bands from the Nordic states always have something of an different vibe and feel about them.

Musically this has a lot in common with Refused, Dog Fashion Disco, Mr Bungle and even some funk bands.  Each song on here is short and to the point, not time for hanging around as they have another idea that has to come out and be played right now, right this second - because if they do not they will forget about it! It like a dog who is after your attention, they just keep on coming for more and more attention from you.

In just under 30 minutes I think there was a different style on each song with a mad man shouting over it all.  Not one song keeps the same - stand out tracks "Hollywood", "Oxygen", "Birthday" and "Mexico" are all a blast.  The thing about it, it goes a little too fast.  The band could have made the songs a little longer and it would not have hurt.  A few numbers, "Christmas Song" especially just seem to be there to try to lengthen the album a bit.  The whole album starts off so brightly, and ends nicely as well, but it is a little too hit and miss in the middle to be anything other than fun, but I feel as if there is a little more to this band than on show here.

The band do have another release which you can also hear on their bandcamp page which I have linked below, it might show some progression.  I reckon this is a band to see live and the album is for the memories of that night when you jumped around with a Mexican wrestling mask on with your friends.  A fun little album, but not quite enough for me.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase from here

Or you could purchase from the band's Bandcamp page here

You can listen to it on Spotify here

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