5 December 2012

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

First time I have been asked to review something for a person who wants to see what I think of something. OK, was not what I was expecting the first request to be - was secretly hoping someone would ask me to look into the Sonic Youth back catalogue. But we deal with the cards that are provided. So here goes.....

Hailing from St, James in Trinidad & Tobago and is either born in 82 or 84, this album was first released in 2010 and has since been re-released in a deluxe version called Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded.  As with lots of pop albums these days, there is lots of guests that appear on this album - Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield, Kayne West, Will.I.Am, Drake and Rhianna, and looking at the chart history it has sold well in many countries and been a massive hit in American, the UK, Australia and has at least registered in most countries in some way.

Now I do like well crafted pop and rap - just because this blog has so far been mostly about rock, metal and Frank Zappa (which it will continue to be ;-) ), does not mean I am closed minded. I was actually very surprised how easy this was on the ears at places. The biggest surprise I have is the sample of Joe Satriani's Always With Me, Always With You on "Right Thru Me" which is a very good song about an argument of some sort. "Check It Out" sampling Video Killed The Radio Star is a nice twist and I think Mr I.Am sort of saves it (to a point), Your Love samples a wonderful song by Annie Lennox (which was a cover anyway of No More I Love You's by The Lover Speaks) and "Here I Am" has some very nice production studio touches. Also I am generally a fan of the odd expletive word and this is littered with many many many colour and wonder phrases which made me laugh out loud. But probably not in the same way that Ms. Minaj will be wanting her public to do.

So, you may have noticed I have not really dug too deep on the songs (and depending which version of the album you get you can listen as many as 20). Well there is a reason - there is not too much in the way of digging to be done here.  It is very much on the surface and what is on the on show is very very very shallow, auto-tuned and sometimes just trying to shock for shocks sake. The song with Eminem "Roman Revenge" is just the soundtrack in the background of whatever regionally offensive reality tv show where the audience is told "If you don't have a gold tooth, you cannot be a real....." whatever the people on the telly are pretending to be (And for the record - Geordie Shore - You not a really Geordie if your on that program, you a cock). Also, sometimes it just tries too hard to be street and cool and ends up sounding like lots of other stuff out there - IE very very very bland and dull. For all the nice little samples, there is always a feeling that somewhere along the line Ms Minaj will say Muthafuka just in the same way that Lovejoy says Cocksucker in Deadwood. 

You can probably find a dozen albums that will do the same thing that is being done one here - probably with the same people doing guest appearance, maybe even Nicki will do her little piece and dance on it as well.  For it's fault it was not the worst album in the world - not even the worst album I have heard this year. Also, even the 13 track album I listened to was pushing it and it needed someone to cut the crap to a very well produced and offensive EP. So in a nutshell if you want sugary pop with lots of swearing and bland soulful....swearing to be honest, here you go - but I could not tell people to listen to it without warning them to have the skip button ready. So that was Nicki Minaj who is allegedly new and improved.....well I'm going out.

2.5 out of 10 - If only there was some quality control

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